Work Life Programs

M-NCPPC believes in attracting and retaining the best employees. To be a workplace of choice requires an understanding of what employees value most at work and in their personal lives. The agency has always been committed to maintaining policies and programs that meet the evolving needs of our workforce.

In fact, M-NCPPC was one of the first government agencies in the state of Maryland to offer Work/Life Programs.
2019 Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval
To learn more about the agency's exciting initiatives, you may contact the Health and Benefits Office or the Employee/Labor Relations Office.


Some of the agency's Work/Life components include:


From time to time, M-NCPPC revises its policies and programs. Such revisions are reflected in official documents that set forth the agency's current policies and programs. These documents are available to all employees in the Employee/Labor Relations Office. Should any conflict arise between the information contained on this website and the information contained in agency-issued documents, the official M-NCPPC-issued documents shall prevail. Should you have any questions regarding M-NCPPC's current policies and programs, please contact the Employee/Labor Relations Office, the Corporate Policy and Management Operations Office, or the Health and Benefits Office.