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Dine, Learn & Move

Click here for the latest virtual session recording to get active, learn simple everyday tips for making healthy choices, and watch a healthy cooking demonstration. Learn more about the Dine, Learn, and Move program.

Nutrition & Health Education Programs

Watch videos of healthy cooking demonstrations and workshops conducted by trained healthcare professionals on various health and nutrition topics during our monthly observances. 

New Year New You Nutrition Series

Watch the Eating for Health and Setting Wellness Goals Nutrition Workshop
Start the New Year with an interactive session that will give you healthy tips to achieve your goals. Explore paths to healthy eating and learn how to balance your plate to meet your health and wellness goals. This virtual session will help you identify simple changes that will add up to major improvements!

Watch the What’s on your Plate and Eating Out Nutrition Workshop
Healthy eating starts with what goes on your plate. During this virtual session, learn what a well-rounded meal looks like and tips to help you create a nutritious plate whether you are at home or out at a restaurant.

Healthy Holiday Nutrition Series

Watch the Holiday Soul Food Makeover Nutrition Workshop
Explore ways to give your traditional recipes a healthy twist.  See how cooking styles, techniques, and ingredients can reduce sodium, fat, calories, and cholesterol in your favorite soul food dishes.

Watch the Healthy Holiday Greens & Peas Cooking Demonstration
Holiday side dishes don’t have to be full of ingredients that raise your numbers. Learn how to turn traditional recipes, collards, and cabbage & curried black-eyed peas, into the healthiest holiday side dishes around your table.

Watch the Eating for your Health Store Tour Holiday Edition Workshop
Looking for ways to add festive colors to your holiday spread? During this interactive store tour, learn how to fill your cart with nutrient-packed foods that will help you stay on track with your personal health and wellness goals over the holiday season.

Watch the Check the Technique Workshop
The way you cook your food matters more than you think. This interactive session will discuss how the nutrition content of your meals can change based on how it’s cooked. Learn how you can make healthier choices by simply changing up your cooking method.

Watch the Holiday Leftovers Reimagined Workshop
This holiday season, we have ideas for using your leftovers in creative and healthy ways. Why not reimagine those leftovers into new, nutritious dishes? From soups to salads, to wraps – we have you covered!

Watch the Healthy Holiday Soup & Salad Cooking Demonstration
Discover the fun in turning your holiday leftovers into a delicious soup and pair it with a salad. In this session, you will get a step-by-step demonstration of how to make a butternut squash & sweet potato soup and a winter salad.

National Heart Health Month

Watch the Eating for Your Heart Cooking Demonstration 
Discover the fun in making heart-healthy energy bites & low-carb tacos in this interactive virtual cooking demonstration.

Watch the Happy Heart Feast Cooking Demonstration
Explore a healthy take on food that feeds the soul with curry black-eyed peas & banging bacon and kale in this interactive virtual cooking demonstration.

National Nutrition Month

Watch the Healthy Eating on a Budget Workshop
Rethink your weekly shopping routine and stretch your grocery dollar even further.

Watch the Lower Your Numbers with Food Workshop
Discover practical tips for making healthier food and lifestyle choices to help lower your numbers.

Watch the Rainbow of Fruits & Veggies Workshop
Explore the benefits of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Watch the Natural Beauty Inside & Out Workshop
Learn how natural foods support your digestive health, promote a healthy immune system, and fight inflammation.

Watch the Food & Hormones Workshop
From fresh produce to herbal teas, this session will explore foods that can help you achieve balance.

Watch the Rethink Your Drink Workshop
Learn practical tips for staying hydrated and discover ways to create flavorful beverages with less sugar that is fun to drink.

Watch the Nourish Your Mind, Body & Spirit Workshop
Learn how to add mindful eating, meditation, and calming foods into your lifestyle.

May is Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Watch the Nutrition and Athletic Performance Workshop
Explore when to eat, and what kinds of foods are best to fuel and maintain peak performance.

Watch the Food Myths for Healthy Eating Workshop
Learn practical tips on how to create daily healthy eating patterns for you and your family.

Watch the Rethink Your Drink – 1-hour Workshop
Explore the impact that your beverage of choice can have on your health and athletic performance.

Watch the Eight Steps to a Healthier Diet Workshop
Identify simple and gradual changes that add up to major improvements to meet your personal health and fitness goals.

Summer Smoothie Sessions

Watch the Summer Smoothie Session Part 1 Immune and Energy Boosting Smoothies
In this session, participants will learn how to create delicious immune and energy-boosting drinks, including an Orange Pineapple Ginger smoothie and an Easy Energy Peanut Butter shake.

Watch the Summer Smoothie Session Part 2 Heart Healthy Smoothies
In this session, participants will learn how to create heart-healthy smoothies, including a Blueberry Energy Bliss smoothie and an Avocado Banana smoothie.

Virtual Nutrition Workshops

Watch the Spice up Your Life! Workshop
Herbs and spices are an easy way to add flavor, fragrance, and nutrition to your meals. In this session, learn about the health benefits of common culinary spices!

Watch the Eating for your Health Store Tour Workshop
During this interactive store tour, learn how to fill your cart with nutrient-packed foods that will help you manage a healthy weight, fight fatigue, and meet your personal wellness goals.

Watch the Is Your Portion Control Out of Control Workshop
Food provides nourishment for the body and enjoyment for the mind and spirit. How can you achieve balance in your relationship with food? Learn how to add mindful eating, meditation, and calming foods into your lifestyle.

Technique Tuesdays

Join us each week for a new sports skill video to help you stay healthy and keep your sports skills sharp while at home. This is another great resource to keep you connected to your favorite sport and to also introduce you to new ones!

Wellness Wednesdays

Join us each Wednesday for new fitness, health education, and nutrition videos. This is another great resource to stay healthy and motivated on your path to wellness.