• W.H Early Store building
  • Exterior of the W.H Early House
  • W.B. Early House and yard
  • Roadway with Speed Limit sign of 30
  • Sidewalk by the school building
  • School playground yard with trees and fences
  • Crosswalk flashing light and sign by roadway near school
  • Signs and grass on the side of a 2 lane roadway
  • Powerlines over roadway next to buildings
  • Old Brandywine Hotel building and yard
  • Old Bank of Brandywine building covered with vines
  • Lot for Sale with large sign advertising 1.1 acres for lease
  • Liquor Store with cars parked in front and people standing by cars
  • Flags outside the fire station doors
  • Bay doors of fire station
  • Elementary School exterior with sidewalk leading to door
  • Exterior of Elementary School building
  • Stop sign and crosswalk sign on the side of a road by sidewalk
  • Commercial buildings by roadway with cars parked in front
  • Commercial Webb Grocery
  • Commercial Snell and Sons Inc building
  • Chapel of Incarnation exterior of building
  • Chapel of Incarnation building and roadway in front of it
  • Chapel of Incarnation building with red door
  • Brandywine Entrance road
  • Brandywine Entrance road
  • Brandywine Bible Church sign
  • Brandywine Bible Church from the side with parking lot
  • Brandywine Bible Church exterior of building
  • Bank building and parking lot
  • 14124 Brandywine Road empty lot with for sale signs
  • High green fence at 14105 Brandywine Road

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